Charlemagne Mfera

Immigration is more than just a passion for Charlemagne. He regularly organizes and conduct free information seminars on immigration both locally and internationally to educate and inform customers about the issues and process pertaining to different Canadian immigration programs.

The complexity and nuances of the Canadian immigration process has made him realize that immigrating to Canada is more than just a desire to leave for a better life; it is also a life project.

Charlemagne offers free immigration clinics to Christian communities within the Montreal area on a quarterly basis.


1990 - 1996 : Electromecanic Engineering, Lougansk State University

2005 - 2006 : Business Start Up (SAJE –MONTRÉAL)

2006 - 2007 : Immigration Consultant Program (Lasalle College)

2010 - 2012 : Project Management (HEC Montréal)

2011 - 2012 : Voluntary resumption of the Immigration Consultant Program (Lasalle College)
Professional Experience

Professional Experience

1995 - 1998 : Representative, Unomat  AG International, a German Company (for Est European countries)

1998 - 2000 : Director of distribution, Unomat AG International (for Russia, Moldavia, Ukraine, Poland)

2000 - 2005 : Sales Director, Unomat AG International (Ukrainia)

2006 - 2008 : Technical Support Person, Bell Canada

2008 - 2013 : Superviser, Client Services,  310 Bell Canada

2012 - Today : Director, Global Mfera Immigration

Charlemagne’s experience as an immigration consultant has helped him acquire solid negotiation, customer services, team management, and conflict resolution skills.


- Client Representative, Detention, Removal orders, Inadmissibility, before IRB and CBSA

- Asylum seekers Representative before RPD, Immigration and Refugees Board (IRB)

- Client Representative, Appeal files before RAD, IAD

- Client Representative, humanitarian and compassionate (H&C) class, and pre-removal risk assessment (PRRA).

- Client Representative, permanent and temporary residence programs

- Speaker, Seminar Leader, in Canada and abroad – Topic: Immigration in Canada

Involvement in CAPIC

- Charlemagne has been part of CAPIC's Quebec Chapter for over a year, and he has also participated in numerous Chapter events as a volunteer.

- He represents CAPIC quarterly at IRB and stakeholder meetings, and as an active member of the Advisory Committee on the federal pilot project "Conference Express." The project’s goal is to reduce the number of cases on appeal and thus relieve the IAD by detecting and quickly processing sponsorship applications that are up-to-date and ready to be processed.

- As a speaker, he has hosted and participated in several CAPIC seminars on refugees and Syrian refugee sponsorship.

- He was an active participant in the development of the brief filed by CAPIC to the Parliamentary Commission on Bill 77.