Dory Jade-RCIC.Dir.

Dory Jade is a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant for over 10 years of experience with wide experience in Corporate Governance, International Business and Human Resources.  He holds a Bachelor Degree in Communication - Advertising and Marketing from the University of Notre-Dame and has a designation of Chartered Director (C.Dir.) from the Directors College - McMaster University, De Groote School of Business.

Dory has wide knowledge of Canada's Immigration Law and practices in the following categories: Quebec Economic & non-economic, Federal Economic Class, Temporary Residence, representation before the IRB and  PNP.

Due to his in-depth knowledge of Immigration Law, Dory also has been involved in many projects helping Immigration Practitioners and educating the public, such as conducting several seminars and contributing to many National Immigration Education Events.  He has established the Immigration Program at Vanier College and College Saint-Laurent, and has been lecturing at Saint Laurent College.

Mr. Jade is the National President of CAPIC since May 2013. In his capacity, he represents the organization before Government agencies and stakeholders. He brings with him a wide experience in Corporate Governance.