Ronald Poulton

Ronald Poulton is considered one of Canada’s leading immigration lawyers. He has acted as counsel at the Supreme Court of Canada, Federal and Ontario Courts of Appeal and Federal Court Trial Division in some of the most prominent cases in Canadian immigration law.  He has lectured in immigration law, testified before a Parliamentary Committee on Immigration issues and before an international human rights organization investigating Canada’s treatment of non-citizens. He has been a speaker at conferences held by the Canadian Bar Association, the Law Society of Upper Canada and Legal Aid Ontario on changes to immigration law and was a guest speaker at an international conference in Europe on the detention of asylum seekers in Canada. Mr. Poulton began his law career in 1987 as a civil and criminal trial lawyer. He then joined the United Nations in 1989 as a refugee and human rights lawyer posted to Hong Kong, Thailand, Cambodia and Tajikistan. He has worked as an immigration lawyer in Canada since 1995.  He represents clients at detention reviews, before the Immigration, Appeal and Refugee Divisions of the Immigration and Refugee Board and Federal Court and Federal Court of Appeal. He has successfully argued numerous stays of removal in the Federal Court, judicial review applications and appeals.He and his staff also represent clients in sponsorship, humanitarian and compassionate applications, temporary resident permits, work permits and permanent resident visa applications. He is an immigration law expert, at the top of his profession.  For a sampling of some of the cases he has successfully argued, click here.

Speaker/Panelist of the following seminar:

2016-03-23-ON: Humanitarian and Compassionate