Jeffrey S. Lowe-LL.B

Jeffrey S. Lowe has practised Immigration and Business law in British Columbia since 1983. He holds both a Bachelor of Laws and a Bachelor of Commerce from the University of British Columbia, and is considered an innovator in the convergence of Business, Technology and the Law. Jeffrey is the Chief Inspirational Officer of Lowe & Company, and has taught Immigration Law, Practice Management and Legal Ethics to lawyers across Canada since 1990.

Recent Immigration Law Courses Taught
Jeffrey has taught Immigration Law to lawyers, Immigration Consultants, Immigration officials and professional audiences since 1990. Recent courses included:

  • June 2016: Business immigration under the BC PNP: IMEDA, Vancouver BC
  • April 2016: CBA National Immigration Conference, Vancouver BC
    • “Advising the Business Imigrant”
    • “Owner Operator LMIA and Express Entry: The new Business Class”?
  • Sept 2015: “The new BC Entrepreneur PNP Program”: IMEDA, Vancouver BC
  • Oct 2014: “Business Immigration: Past, Present and Future”: CLEBC, Vancouver, BC
  • May 2014: “The Business of Immigration Law”: CBA National Immigration Conference, Calgary, AB
  • March 2014: “Immigration Policy and the Real Estate market”: Urban Land Institute of BC, Vancouver, BC
  • March 2014: “Business Immigration for High Net Worth clients after the Investor Immigrant Cancellation”: Beijing, Dalian
  • May 2013: “Permanent Residence, Citizenship and Taxes”: Three Bridges Fellowship, Vancouver, BC
  • Sept 2012: “Immigration and Work Permits Options”: CCCC National Conference, Vancouver, BC
  • Sept 2012: “Business Immigration and Buying a Business”: Asia Pacific EXPO, Burnaby, BC
  • April 2012: “Foreign Student to Permanent Residence”: Power to Change, FOCUS, Simon Fraser University
  • March 2012: “Top 10 Issues for Permanent Residence Applications”: CBA BC Immigration Conference
  • March 2010: “Labour Market Opinions and Arranged Employment Opinions”: CBA Immigration Conference
  • Sept 2008: “The World is Flat: Mobile Missionaries in the 21st Century: CCCC National Conference, Calgary
  • Oct 2007: “Professional Ethics and Practice Management”, CLEBC, Vancouver, BC
  • May 2007: “Business Immigration”: Moderator and Speaker, CSIC National Conference, Toronto
  • May 2006: “Investor Immigration”, CBA National Immigration Conference, Quebec City

Recent Immigration Articles Published or Media Interviews

  • Business Immigration Options: Creative Work Permit strategies: CBA, April 2016
  • Investing in Canada for Fun and Profit! Practical Tips for Business Immigrants and their Lawyers: CBA April 2016
  • “Update on Canada’s Immigration Laws for Religious Workers” CCCC, August 2015
  • “Visa Issues affecting Temporary Religious Workers in Canada” CCCC, May 2015
  • “Business Immigration Options to BC”: Business Immigration Seminars with Canadian MP: March 2014 Beijing, Dalian
  • “Cancellation of the Immigrant Program”: Channel News Asia interview, February 2014
  • BC Premier Christy Clark’s Trade Mission to Asia: Delegate, November 2013
  • “Changes to Canada’s Immigration Regulations”: Fairchild TV Interview, “Expert Hour”, September 2012
  • “A Tale of Four Countries: A Comparison of Immigration Options for Your Clients”: AILA Conference, April 2010
  • “Calling all Canadians: Canada’s new Citizenship Regulations”: CCCC Spring 2009
  • “Selling your business to prospective Immigrants”: VBOT, April 2008
  • “New Developments streamline Foreign Worker Process”: VBOT, March 2007;
  • “Immigration Regulations for Foreign Religious and Charitable Workers”: CCCC, September 2006
  • “Canadian Investor Immigration Program”: Bender’s, June 2006:
  • “Canadian Immigration: Perspectives, Differences, and Opportunities”: Bender’s, April 2006

Abbreviations Used for Organizations Above
AILA: American Immigration Lawyers Association: The largest association of US Immigration lawyers
Benders: Matthew Bender’s Immigration Bulletin: One of the leading US Legal Publishers
CBA: Canadian Bar Association: National Association of about 37,000 lawyers across Canada
CCCC: Canadian Council of Christian Charities: National organization of about 3,200 faith based charities
CLEBC: Continuing Legal Education Society of BC: Organization which provides ongoing legal education for lawyers
CSIC: Canadian Society of Immigration Consultants: the former regulatory body for Canadian Immigration Consultants
VBOT: Vancouver Board of Trade