Deepak Kohli

Deepak has been an immigration consultant for 12 years, and has participated actively in the quest to strengthen the immigration consulting profession. 

He believes that we all need to make concerted efforts to reach the highest levels of professionalism, respect, and recognition for the profession. By harnessing the diverse skill sets of CAPIC members, from in a variety of environments, the goal will be within reach, and would benefit the association, the profession, and individuals.  

Deepak has been an active CAPIC member since inception, and continues to play a variety of roles within the association: 

  • Secretary of the Corporation on the Board, Chair of the Governance and Nomination Committee, and member of the CAPIC Executive Committee; 
  • Chair of the CAPIC CEO Recruitment Committee;
  • In his current role, he played an instrumental part in revising the latest bylaws, which have allowed the CAPIC board to become an oversight board, thereby making CAPIC stronger; 
  • As Membership Director in 2014-15, he played a critical role in various initiatives to increase membership and improve the participation of members in the association. Some of these included:
    • Introduced promotions to attract new members in a cost-effective manner;
    • Modified pricing for new CAPIC members, allowing them to experience the “CAPIC difference." Most have stayed as long-term members;
    • Expedited the approval process for returning members;
    • Streamlined communications to CAPIC members.
  • Participated in developing CAPIC’s Strategic Plan, including the mission and vision, which define the path to helping the profession mature into a strong, formidable, and sustainable presence;
  • Works vigorously on implementing this plan to achieve the defined goals;
  • Participates in various CAPIC stakeholder meetings at the federal and provincial levels;
  • Has served on CAPIC's national board as a director (Membership), in 2010;
  • Joined the Ontario Chapter Communications Committee as a volunteer in 2005, and co-chaired the Committee for several years.

In short, Deepak has participated in numerous initiatives and projects to make the profession stronger, both with the association and the regulator. He was also one of six initial directors to help set up the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC). Between the start of his term in March 2011, until the first general meeting of the Council, he served as: 

  • Chair (ICCRC Communications Committee);
  • Vice-Chair (ICCRC Admissions Committee);
  • Vice-Chair (ICCRC Finance & Audit Committee). 

During this time, Deepak was responsible for several special assignments, including as temporary chair of the Governance & Nominating Committee for the first board of director elections in 2012. Following his tenure on the ICCRC board, he continued as a member of one of the Council's boards. 

Deepak graduated from the Immigration Practitioner Post-Diploma program with High Honours at Seneca College, Toronto, in 2003, and holds an MBA in Marketing. Before starting his career as a proud RCIC, he had a multi-disciplinary career in marketing, financial services, and advertising.