Isabelle Vachon

Ms. Isabelle Vachon (B.A., RCIC) is a graduate of UQAM and HEC in Montreal. Her ten years of experience as a lecturer and employment counsellor have allowed her to work in the professional integration sector with Emploi‐Québec. She has thus acquired specific skills regarding different clienteles from diverse cultural backgrounds, hence her interest in immigration.

Isabelle is a graduate of the first cohort of the Service‐council in immigration of the Cégep de Saint‐Laurent. She is a member of the ICCRC, the “Registre québécois des consultants en immigration,” and is a consultant at her own firm: IV Immigration.

Her multidisciplinary approach, however, has steered her toward participation in several projects:

  • Vice‐president of the Council of graduates ‐ Faculty of human sciences, UQAM 

  • Immigration and Integration Salon of Québec (IISQ‐SIIQ)

  • International Movie Festival Vues d’Afrique

  • Director of Internal Affairs, Administrator for Board of Directors ‐ Young Haitian Chamber of Commerce

Since 2013, Isabelle has acted as the Quebec Chapter Committee Chair at CAPIC. In this position, she has stood out by being a versatile and capable candidate to carry out CAPIC’s mandate. Isabelle's contribution to the Committee, which prepared the report presented to the National Assembly of Quebec in February 2016, reveals her conviction that we can improve the future of our profession.

Together let us move forward.

  • Protect our interests and rights 

  • Have RCICs be recognized according to the Professional Code

  • Pursue the improvement of services in French for the Quebec Chapter

  • Assert our profession on new platforms

  • Recruit more speakers among our colleagues

  • Recruit more members and volunteers 

  • Contribute to healthy governance