Ron Liberman

Ron Liberman is 61 years old, and obtained a BSc degree from the University of London in England, in 1976. Prior to becoming an immigration consultant, he lived in various countries and travelled extensively. After coming to Canada in 1994, he developed his own consulting and training business, initially in the computer field. Ron is married to Heather, a teacher in the Coquitlam, B.C., School District, and has 4 children and 3 grandchildren.

In 2004, Ron successfully completed the Immigration Practitioner Course at the University of British Columbia, and was one of the first consultants to write the exams to become an authorized representative. He has been a practising immigration consultant since then. He has served as a National Director of CAPIC, and is a former BC Chapter President. As CAPIC’s National Director of Education and Training, he actively opposed CSIC’s policy to deny accreditation to CAPIC for CPD activities, and supported the provision of high-quality and cost-effective education for immigration consultants. As a CSIC Member, and now an ICCRC Member, he has been vocal in advocating respectfully for the rights of individual immigration consultants to practise their profession in an equitable environment in which they can prosper.

In his most recent role as the National Director, Policy and Lobbying, Ron has striven to raise the status of the profession in the eyes of federal and provincial governments. Besides participating in bi-annual meetings in Ottawa with federal government stakeholders, he has been active in arranging meetings with provincial governments, as well as initiating regular meetings at the chapter level with provincial stakeholders and local federal government departments. A subcommittee headed by Gerd Damitz, one of the founders of CAPIC, has been set up to lobby for self-regulation under federal statute, which will be a big step forward for the profession, if we achieve it, and would address problematic issues such as double regulation by provincial governments.