Warren Lloyd

Warren spent 27 years in the Foreign Service of Canada as a trade commissioner in Peru and managing visa offices in Spain, Mexico, and the U.S. He has worked as a self-employed immigration consultant at Warren Lloyd & Associates since 1994. Warren's contribution to CAPIC has been tremendous. As its co-founder, Warren was instrumental in uniting the AICC and OPIC to form CAPIC.

All of this began during a recess at the CIC immigration practitioners meeting at Toronto's National Club, when the presidents of OPIC and AICC, Warren Lloyd (OPIC) and Gerd Damitz (AICC), approached each other to discuss the challenges faced by the immigration consulting industry. This first unofficial talk proved to be a very productive session that led to the amalgamation of the two associations. Upon uniting the AICC and OPIC, Gerd and Warren became CAPIC’s founding presidents.