Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants – ACCPI L'Association Canadienne des Conseillers Professionnels en Immigration (CAPIC-ACCPI)

Code of Conduct and Ethics


CAPIC - The Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants – ACCPI - L'Association Canadienne des Conseillers Professionnels en Immigration has established the following Code of Conduct and Ethics.
All CAPIC-ACCPI members are expected to adhere to ethical principles in their profession and agree to uphold the honour and the dignity of the profession.
All members are expected to accept responsibility for performing their duties in a manner that will establish realistic expectations of services and benefits to clients.

Members must be aware of the responsibilities inherent in the self-regulation of the profession of immigration consulting and must seek to ensure that the profession rises to a standard that meets the expectations set by themselves and the public.

Article I
General Principles
i. Membership in a profession imposes obligations of responsibility and morality as well as a high degree of professional knowledge.
ii. Members agree to be guided by exemplary standards of honour and conduct in their profession.
iii. Members shall always uphold the integrity of their profession within this organization and be bound by the mandate of any regulatory body that is duly appointed.

Article II
Relations of Members to Each other
i. Members shall cooperate with professional colleagues and shall always encourage the dissemination of knowledge that may be of help to other members of the profession.
ii. Members shall abide by the rules of conduct established by the Board of Directors for use of the CAPIC website and Discussion Board.

Article III
Relations with the Public
i. Members shall not give interviews to the press or media or present written material in which they claim that they represent the membership. The Board of Directors, through the President, or a member of the Board of Directors appointed by the President for this purpose, is the only body that has the authority to speak on behalf of the full membership.
ii. Members shall always avoid unprofessional statements even if delivered in a personal capacity when they speak about their membership in the profession or in regards to the profession.

Article IV
Member Discipline
i. Members found by the Board of Directors to have contravened one or more sections of this Code may be sanctioned in the form of the suspension or revocation of their membership, as the Board sees fit in the circumstances.
ii. Membership revocation may only be imposed after the member has been given notice of their alleged contravention of the Code and 30 days to respond in writing to the allegation.
iii. With regard to suspension of membership, the Executive Committee may suspend a member upon a majority vote of said Committee subject to confirmation by the Board within 30 days.
iv. In extraordinary circumstances and when acting for the good of the Association, the President may suspend a member immediately, subject to confirmation by the Executive Committee within seven days.


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