Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants – ACCPI L'Association Canadienne des Conseillers Professionnels en Immigration (CAPIC-ACCPI)

Membership Fee and Benefits

Membership Fee

CAPIC is an accountable and transparent organization. We understand that we must do our diligence with membership funds via investing in activities and benefits that bring the best value to our members and the profession. Membership fees are our major funding source.

As a member of the professional organization, you benefit from professional development and networking opportunities, information services and affinity programs that all enhance your business and promote professionalism.

Become part of Canada’s growing Professional Immigration Consultant Community and gain…

  • Professional Development – keep yourself updated on policies and regulations
  • Advocacy – be a true stakeholder and influence change
  • Information services – invaluable online resources right at your fingertips
  • Networking – know your fellow consultants and expand your network; you will be surprised where your next client comes from.

As well as the many Affinity Programs that ensure you get more value than your membership fees in return.

Membership Benefits

As a CAPIC member, not only do you have access to Gold Standard Educational Events, you also benefit greatly from having the ability to be part of CAPICs IMMeForum which is the largest forum for RCICs in the industry! RCICs use this to ask questions about cases, receive advice and share opinions regarding relevant professional issues with their fellow colleagues. You will also have access to CAPICs online resource library, IMMeCentre, where you can find program manager contact information and government policies and records. The benefits do not stop there! Our members now have access to a Seminar Bundle - access to all our regular seminars throughout January to December for a one-time fee of $115+tax. Even if you don’t purchase the bundle, you will have access to all our educational programs at a discounted Members’ rate. Our benefits also include access to Surety Bond at a special rate, Courier Service Discount and many more.

For a full list of all our Membership Benefits please click here!

Membership Subscription Packages

CAPIC offers 2 subscription packages for Regular Members and Associate Members.  Flexible payment plans are available to meet members' needs. To support the future of immigration, we offer a special discounted student membership to students and recent graduates who are pursuing professional accreditation.

Gold Membership Package

Regular Membership Package

Student Membership Package




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Membership year: June 1st to May 31st

CAPIC membership is an annual subscription beginning on June 1st and ending on the following May 31st.  Membership is renewed automatically.  A member must notify CAPIC in writing on, or before May 1 to discontinue CAPIC membership for the next year. The CAPIC membership fee is non-refundable.

Immigration Practitioners and students can join CAPIC any time during the membership year. New members pay a pro-rated fee from the time the application is submitted. The membership fee is refundable if your application is not accepted.

Methods of Payment

  • By Credit Card – For your convenience, payment can be made online on our fully secure website at the time of registration and for annual billing


Payment Plan

Installment options are only available if you pay by credit card.

CAPIC offers flexible payment plans to facilitate members` financial planning. Two options are available:

  • Two installments – Payment dates: June 1st and December 1st.
  • Three installments – Payment dates: June 1st, October 1st, and February 1st of the following year

Installments are not available to Student Members.


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