Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants – ACCPI L'Association Canadienne des Conseillers Professionnels en Immigration (CAPIC-ACCPI)

Advocacy and Consultation Papers

CAPIC is pleased to present advocacy and consultations papers on various topics. Please click the links below to access.

DateAdvocacy:DateConsultation Papers:
08/17IRCC Response Letter to CAPIC Re. Test d'evaluation de francais (TEF)

08/17Letter to Mike Macdonald - 31 July 2017

07/17Letter to ICCRC - CIMM Report 05/17CIMM Immigration Consultants Study Submission
05/17Letter from MIDI 16 May 201705/17Letter of Appreciation to Mr. Ayles
05/17Letter from MIDI 8 May 201705/17Letter of Appreciation to Ms. Taweel
05/17CAPIC Submission on IAD’s Procedures for Making a Complaint About a Member05/17Letter of Appreciation to Mr. Aiken
04/17CAPIC Submission on  Global Skills Strategy12/15Ontario Immigration Act, 2015
04/17ACCPI a envoyer une lettre à la Ministre de l’immigration, de la Diversité et de l’Inclusion concernant la Suspension du Programme Entrepreneur et Travailleur Autonome11/15Report of meeting with the Manitoba Labour and Immigration Officials
04/17CAPIC Response to CBA Chair RE: Recommendations to the Standing Committee on Ciizenship & Immigration - Immigration Consultants Study11/15Meeting with BC PNP Representatives
04/17CAPIC Response to Standing Committee on Citizenship & Immigration Chair  RE: CBA Recommendations - Immigration Consultants Study04/15Provisions of the Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act
03/17CAPIC - Standing Committee on Citizenship & Immigration: Immigration Consultants Study Submission03/15Regulations amending the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR)
03/17CAPIC - CBSA Part 16 Seizure Submission03/15IRB Draft Policy on Disclosing Information regarding the Conduct of Authorized Representatives to Regulatory Bodies
02/17CAPIC Supports ICCRC Practical Component Project - Feb. 201706/14Labour Migration in Canada
02/17CAPIC Supports CCR Recommendations on IRB Guidelines 2: Detention02/14ETA Submission
02/17CAPIC PGP Submission - 01.02.201705/13Family Class Sponsorship - New Parents and Grandparents program re-opening
01/17 CAPIC IRB Submission on Detention - 23.01.2017

01/17CAPIC Congratulatory Letter to Hon. Minister Hussen - 11.01.2017

11/16CAPIC Submission - Conditional Permanent Residence - 11.11.2016

10/16CAPIC IRB Submission - SGM & IAD Rules - 28.10.2016

08/16Quebec Chapter Delegates Presented at the National Assembly of Quebec

08/16Minister Laura Albanese Reply to CAPIC - 19.08.2016

08/16Letter to Hon Minister Ralph Goodale After Meeting in July 2016 - 04.08.2016

08/16Letter to Alastair MacFadden Addressing RCIC Key Issues - 04.08.2016

08/16Mémoire à l’Assemblée Nationale sur la planification des niveaux d’immigration 2017-2019

07/16Letter to Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration

06/16CCR Recommendations for Regularization As Supported By CAPIC - Letter to Hon. Minister McCallum - 13.06.2016

05/16Letter to Executive Director Supporting Arrest of Unauthorized Reps - May 11, 2016

05/16ADM Alastair MacFadden - Saskatchewan Ministry of Economy Letter to CAPIC - April 22,2016

04/16Meeting the Minister

04/16Express Entry Submission to Hon. Minister McCallum - April 13, 2016

03/16Letter to Mike MacDonald - IRCC Portal and Online Services Suggestions

03/16Letter to Eric Johansen - FWRISA Considerations

03/16Letter to MInister McCallum - 2016 Immigration Levels

02/16Quebec AOR for CAPIC Submission

02/16La Présentation devant l’Assemblée Nationale du Québec par l’ACCPI

02/16Mémoire à la Commission parlementaire des relations avec les citoyens sur le projet de loi 77


Lettre au Président de l'AQAADI

02/16Letter to MInister McCallum - PGP Suggestions

01/16Lettre à la Ministre K Weil - Portail 2016-01-13

01/16CAPIC Report on Ontario PNP Legislation Meeting


Lettre à la Ministre K Weil - Portail

10/15Modernizing the IRB Rules and Implementing the use of a Secure Electronic System in IRB Processes 

08/15Réponse du MIDI relativement à la lettre sur le conflict d'intérêt (Alliance française de Cebu)

07/15Lettre à la Ministre - Conflit d'intérêt (Alliance française)

07/15Job Bank Challenges

06/15Request for Extension of Submission of Audit Materials                      
06/15Introduction to Regulation under Statute

06/15Communiqué - L’ACCPI soutient la Protectrice du Citoyen dans sa défense des candidats à l’immigration au Québec

12/14Réponse du Projet de règlement sur les consultants en immigration

11/14Memoire - Rejet de demandes au MIDI

10/14Projet de règlement sur les consultants en immigration

08/14Double Regulation Saskatchewan 

2014Citizenship Act - Discussion Paper


CAPIC's Expression of Interest System - Policy Discussion Paper

07/13Future directions of Immigration programming in Saskatchewan

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