Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants – ACCPI L'Association Canadienne des Conseillers Professionnels en Immigration (CAPIC-ACCPI)

Photo Gallery

CAPIC Town Hall: 2017-07-13



ON Seminar - Four Topics, Four Case Studies: 2017-07-13



QC Seminar - Loi sur l'accès à l'information - des connaissances pour la stratégie et planification de votre cas: 2017-06-13


Salon de l’immigration et de l’intégration au Québec: 2017-05-31 to 2017-06-01



2017 AGM


ON Seminar - All About Ontario: 2017-05-10



QC Seminar - LMIA et permis de travail!2017-04-19


ON Seminar - PR Card Renewals and Residency Obligations: 2017-03-29



ON Seminar - Case Law and Your Submissions: 2017-01-26



QC Chapter Holiday Dinner: 2016-12-15



ON Seminar - The R Factor – Refused, Reply, Refile, Refer, Retire: 2016-12-14



BC Seminar - The Priest, the Poet, the Pilot and their plans - From R186 to PR: 2016-12-13


Entrepreneur and Investor Immigration Summit - Tradeshow:



Breakfast before the ICCRC AGM: 2016-11-12



NEC 2016 - Tradeshow: 2016-11-03, 04




NEC 2016 - Reception and President's Gala: 2016-11-03




Whistler Tour: 2016-11-05





QC Seminar - LMIA exempt work permits and Service Canada:




ON Seminar - The Classy Citizen2016-09-14


Ontario Picnic: 2016-08-27




Quebec Chapter Delegates Presented at the National Assembly of Quebec:



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Free Immigration Clinic: 2016-07-08 to 09




Annual General Meeting 2016






ON Seminar - Ontario Nominee Immigration Program - All you need to know! Plus Misrep and Beyond!: 2016-05-18



QC Seminar - Aide Familiaux Résidants – De l’offre d’emploi jusqu’à la Résidence Permanente Brève mise à Jour pour les Investisseurs au Québec: 2016-05-11



QC Seminar - La CISR et ses deux sections : la SAI et la SPR: 




BC Seminar - Temporary Visas2016-04-05


ON Seminar - Humanitarian and Compassionate - 2 files, 2 stories, 2 results: 2016-03-23



QC - Chamber of Commerce Event with Minister of Citizenship and Immigration Hon. John McCallum



ON Workshop - Refugee Intake Process: 2016-02-23


QC Seminar - Opportunités et Défis: Project de Loi 77 et Survol des PCP (Ontario): 2016-02-18



PR Seminar - Alberta 2016 - AINP Plus LMIA: 2016-02-04


ON Seminar - Express Entry: Rewind and Moving Ahead!




CAPIC-ACCPI Award for Academic Excellence: 2015-12-12


ON Seminar - The Parent Trap:  2015-12-18



BC Chapter Holiday Event:  2015-12-17



Quebec Chapter Holiday Event:  2015-12-17




QC Seminar - R205 and Portal:  2015-12-02



Open House of John Yap, MLA for Richmond-Steveston, BC

On November 30th, Nevena Djuricic represented CAPIC to attend the Open House hosted by John Yap, MLA for Richmond-Steveston.


QC Seminar - Refugee Workshop



BC Seminar - Immigration Roundtable - PNPs West


BC Chapter Event - Reception



NEC 2015 - Looking Ahead - The Immigration Future - Online, Virtual, and New! 






President's Gala








QC Seminar - The IRB: Refugee Process and Other Appeals

On September 17th, the Quebec Chapter hosted a seminar providing the most updated news regarding the Canadian refugee asylum system. The seminar conference speakers provided a step-by-step process on preparing a refugee application file and creating a successful file for removal order appeals.



BC Seminar - The New BC Provincial Nominee Program - How it will impact your Practice

On September 15th, the BC Chapter hosted a sold out seminar on the new BC PNP program. The BC PNP government representatives, Rob Mingay, Assistant Deputy Minister and Erin Seely, Acting Executive Director and the immigration expert speakers provided a thorough overview of the new program criteria and the latest program changes.  Mr. Mingay and Ms. Seely stayed after their presentations to answer participants questions.



ON Seminar - Dealing with Complicated Files

On September 9th, 2015, CAPIC hosted a highly successful and innovative seminar. The immigration experts presented several helpful tips for dealing with complicated files, assessing immigration cases and choosing a plan that is best suited for each file. In addition to that, seminar attendees were also provided with valuable tips on co-counseling and referrals. 




ON Summer Picnic

CAPIC hosted a succesful Ontario Summer Picnic at Serena Gundy Park on August 23rd, where RCICs mixed and mingled with old colleagues and new ones.





ON Seminar - Citizenship - Oh Canada - Citizenship Updates with Practical Advice




BC Seminar - Spouses – from A – Z


PR Seminar - Innovation in Immigration

The Prairie Chapter successfully hosted a first ever seminar in Winnipeg. Seminar participants benefited from a half a day session dedicated to knowledge in the areas of Manitoba PNP, Express Entry updates, Citizenship Law changes, PR scenarios and other common issues encountered.



Annual General Meeting 2015

The CAPIC AGM was conducted succesfully on Thursday, May 14th, 2015. The CAPIC By-law amendments, approved by the Board Members on March 11th were ratified by members. 

Other business conducted during the AGM included:

·         Presentation and approval of the Audited Financial Statements

·         Election results announcement

·         Appointment of the Auditor




ON Seminar - The Immigration Landscape - Ontario - Yours to Discover?

On May 14th 2015, the Ontario Chapter organized a sold out seminar regarding LMIA exemptions and the secret files of ATIP. Experienced speakers included CIC officials addressing compliance. Furthermore, seminar participants were also provided with helpful tips on how to deal with refused / returned files.




ON Seminar - LMIA - The Ontario Perspective  

On March 26th, 2015, seminar conference speakers shared their experience of the most common errors made in the LMIA process and the most recent updated changes impacting LMIAs. Furthermore, seminar participants were kept abreast of best practice tips and crucial steps for filling LMIA applications successfully.




ON Seminar - Unpacking the next layer - Getting the Wrinkles out!

The Ontario Chapter also hosted an equally successful workshop on March 24th, centered on the development and maintenance of the corporate client relationship. During the workshop, numerous corporate client and case law research tips were shared.



CAPIC - Meet the President of CAPIC

The Ontario Chapter hosted a Social Event on Thursday, March 5th for members interested in meeting with the CAPIC President who was in Toronto, on CAPIC business. 




CAPIC ON Chapter Suitcase Series - Unpacking the Top Layer

On February 25th, ON Chapter members attended an exclusive workshop for CAPIC Members on the ADR Process. The seminar presented a breakdown of the ADR process and seminar participants benefited from studying from a wide array of ADR case studies. 



CAPIC QC Chapter Seminar: The Sponsorship Dilemma

On February 19th, members in Québec participated in an enlightening workshop on Family Class Sponsorship.  Melanie Couture (LL.B), provided an in depth presentation on the subject with case studies.




CAPIC QC Chapter Seminar:

Express Entry - Federal Permanent Residency Program

On January 29th, seminar attendees in the Québec Chapter participated in an enlightening conference on the newest immigration system - Express Entry. EE woes were clarified thanks to the informative presentation by Louisa Supino and Selin Deravedisyan, who presented an instructive breakdown of the different economic programs (FSW, FST, CEC and PNP) covered under Express Entry, in addition to providing tips for guiding one's clients in the EE Process.  


CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar: Express Entry – The Good, The Bad, The Ugly – Points Breakdown

On Jan 22, 2014, CAPIC Ontario Chapter hosted a sold-out seminar covering the topic of Express Entry.  Our expert speakers Stephen Green, Vilma Filici, and Aileen Farrol provided in-depth information on the goods and the bads of the new program, the new point system, the relevant laws, and the Express Entry Portal.




CAPIC QC Chapter Dinner Party

On Dec 12, 2014, CAPIC Quebec Chapter hosted a dinner party at Portovino Restaurant to celebrate the holiday with members and new colleagues.




CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar and 10th Anniversary Reception

CAPIC Ontario Chapter seminar held on December 02, 2014, A Bold Vision - New Ways to Do Business, was a great success!  Our guest speaker from CIC, James McNamee, Director, Strategic Policy and Planning, provided up-to-date information on Express Entry.  Our expert panelists, Dory Jade and Monica O'Brien, also answered some of the frequently asked questions regarding this new program.  We also had our 10th Anniversary Reception following the ICCRC AGM to celebrate our achievement in the past ten years.






CAPIC QC Chapter Seminar

CAPIC Quebec Chapter seminar held on October 16, 2014 covered the topics of Permanent Residence in Quebec and MICC Processing.  Our lineup of expert speakers included Selin Deravedisyan-Adam and representatives from MIDI: Pascale De Latrémoille, Ibrahim Napon, and Fakhri Gharbi. 



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CAPIC QC Chapter Seminar

CAPIC Quebec Chapter held a successful seminar on September 11, 2014.  Our lineup of expert speakers included Gilda Villaran and Dory Jade.  This seminar covered the topics of LMIA, Work Permits, and MIDI operational updates.



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CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar: The Ins and Outs of Entry: Express Entry, Cessation, Investigations!

CAPIC Ontario Chapter held a successful seminar on September 12, 2014.  Our lineup of expert speakers included Erin Roth, Sunil Issac, Dory Jade, Isabella Kowalewski, Aileen Farrol, and Mark Varnam.  This seminar covered the topics of Express Entry, Reavailment,  CBSA Enforcement & Investigations, and Helping Refugee's referred by CBSA to Exit. 




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CAPIC PR Chapter Picnic: 08-17-2014



CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar: 07-24-2014



CAPIC BC Chapter Seminar: 07-10-2014



WorldPride Streetfair: 06-28, 29-2014


CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar: 06-19-2014



CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar & AGM: 04-28-2014




CAPIC BC Chapter Seminar & AGM: 04-15-2014




CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar & National ACM: 03-28-2014




CAPIC BC Chapter Seminar : 03-11-2014


CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar : 03-05-2014



CAPIC ON Chapter Christmas Gathering

CAPIC QC Chapter Christmas Dinner



CAPIC NEC 2013: 11-14-2013 & 11-15-2013



CAPIC ON Chapter Seminar : 10-02-2013

CAPIC BC Chapter Seminar : 09-18-2013