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CAPIC is pleased to announce the launch of our new IMMeForum!

IMMeForum is one of the most modern and sophisticated forums offered for FREE by CAPIC exclusively to its members. With over 800 members, you are a part of the largest Immigration Forum of Immigration Practitioners.

Please see below for the key features available in our new IMMeForum:

  • A forum for Immigration Practitioners created with inputs from your expert peers and Immigration lawyers. So, next time you want guidance, IMMeForum is your answer.
  • An IMMeForum expert panel will be set to assist members in more complicated cases.
  • Accessible through email and/or a searchable database.
    • You can opt for one or both methods – you decide whether you wish to read the up-to-date information through emails or do an unobtrusive research when you have time.
    • Searchable and indexed database also ensures that you can access the information, even if you delete the email.
    • New member? You can have access to past discussions through the database.
  • Easy log-in – You log-in once to the CAPIC website, that’s it.
  • Your CAPIC membership log-in information is all that you need (see above)
  • You can let your browser remember the log-in information, to avoid repeating this.
  • Our members will be first to be informed about news related to immigration that could potentially affect their business on a daily basis.
  • This type of service is typically valued at approximately $8,000 per year.
  • Linking revision of Forms, newly published Operational Manuals, and other valuable publications.
  • No more cases returned due to old forms.
  • CAPIC News Break - A bilingual daily summary on immigration news across Canada and overseas.
  • Get CIC updates on your desktop, as they are released. Be the first to know.
  • Including all Students at Consultancy (SAC) helping them become better RCICs when they graduate and become ICCRC members.
  • The IMMeForum is hosted in Canada and under Canadian Privacy Act. Therefore, your comments and correspondence are protected under the Act.
  • More features are available and will be announced shortly after the launch, like...

A complimentary online library for CAPIC members to allow access to Legislation and case law. (Details to come later...)

We are pleased to invite you to start using the newly launched IMMeForum and revert with your comments. On behalf of the Board of CAPIC, we would like to thank all those who contributed and still are giving their best to the success of this Project and CAPIC.


The IMMeForum is accessible on the redesigned CAPIC website with the best available technology and an enhanced User's Homepage.

To access the forum, please enter your email and password in the login panel in the left column to login to User's Homepage.

Click on the link below, and click on the "Access" button;


(To receive email alerts from new posts/responses by other users, please switch your account to "Mail" mode.

To stop receiving email alerts from new posts/responses, please switch your account to "No-mail" mode.)

  1. After entering the IMMeForum, you can access the main page of the forum by selecting the list named "Solutions".
  2. To view the content, please select the message of your choice. Older posters can be found in the monthly archives.
  3. To respond to a message posted by other members, click on the "Reply" button on the top right hand corner of the message box.
  4. To post a new message, click on "Post New Message" under "Options" on the right hand side of the page.

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