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Group Home & Auto Insurance

Group Home & Auto Insurance

In January 2017 we introduced our highly acclaimed CAPIC Member Health & Dental Plan to all our members – and their families. The time has come for us to expand on our promise to innovate and provide more affinity programs for our members. That is why we are thrilled to launch the Group Home & Auto plan with all of you. You have the opportunity to take advantage of savings up to 15% from your annual premium. We strongly encourage you to look into your specific plan and match it with what is suitable for you and your family. By providing you with Group Home & Auto insurance we aim to show you that we are – and always will be – ready to support you in your right to practice as an RCIC. 

To recap:

  1. MORE protection – quality auto and home insurance to suit your needs!
  2. MORE savings - up to 15% from what you are currently paying.
  3. MORE peace of mind – Economical Select is the insurance company that is chosen to protect your properties. They presently hold 92% customer satisfaction according to the latest reviews done. 

For the insurance inquiry form please click here!

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