Robyn Jones

Robyn is Director of Operations and Senior RCIC at Atlantic to Pacific Immigration and Citizenship Consulting, Nanaimo, BC.

Robyn is an Honours graduate of Ashton College Immigration Practitioner Program, a Member of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council and a Member of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants. Robyn has over twenty-five years of immigration experience, as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, and as a former Immigration Officer, and currently provides training opportunities through speaking for Continuing Professional Development seminars with several CPD providers, and as an instructor with the Immigration: Laws, Policies and Procedures program through the University of British Columbia.  She freely offers her time when she can in promoting the immigration profession by mentoring and providing training opportunities to other consultants and students of the IPP programs across Canada. Robyn is an expert in all temporary resident applications and sponsorship permanent resident applications and has considerable experience in several other application types.  Robyn is not only, a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant, but also acts as a consultant for an American Immigration firm. Robyn is passionate about levelling the field for RCICs to practice in this profession, and in promoting better education methods for RCICs and students of IPP programs.