Julia Brodyansky

Ms. Brodyansky is a holder of a combined degree in Foreign Languages and Education and speaks five languages. She was one of nine participants in the original DACUM panel developing occupational criteria and standards for immigration practitioners, a core issue of the Parliamentary Report that laid foundation for the regulation of the profession in 2004.

Julia has been maintaining a successful registered immigration consulting practice in Canada since 1994 with a main focus on federal and provincial skilled workers, family class, humanitarian or compassionate and temporary status applications. Her flexibility and holistic approach helped develop methodologies to facilitate immigration process of the applicants adequately reflecting their needs at its various stages (qualifications recognition, coaching techniques, etc.). Ms. Brodyansky also provides comprehensive settlement services for newcomers to Canada as well as documents translation, and is a Commissioner of Oaths.

Speaker/Panelist of the following seminar:

2016-02-18-QC: Opportunités et Défis: Projet de Loi 77 et Survol des PCP Ontario