Phillip Mooney

Phil has been an active Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant for more than seventeen years, and has had an active and busy practice that encompasses many areas of immigration, with a heavy focus on corporate work permits and associated work therein. Most recently, Phil has joined Auray Capital as senior vice president.  

Phil has been involved in the immigration consulting industry in many capacities, always working toward the betterment of the profession. Whether it be writing questions for the first Full Skills Exam, serving as CAPIC president, putting together the bid for the new regulator, or serving as an ICCRC Board Member, Phil has worked incredibly hard. He also served as the first CEO of the new regulatory body (ICCRC). Phil remains both a member of the ICCRC and of CAPIC.

Phil lives in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, with his wife, and is the proud father of two sons and grandfather of five. He is the son and husband of immigrants, and as a former Corporate Executive, has traveled extensively around the world.