Dory Jade, RCIC, C.Dir. Chief Executive Officer

Fluent in both English and French, Dory has been a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant for over fourteen years and has served on various boards for the last ten years. As CAPIC CEO, Dory excels in achieving sound organizational governance through bylaws and policy, working closely with the Board of Directors, senior government officials at the federal and provincial levels, and the CAPIC team to relentlessly improve the professional culture and the legal framework that surrounds it.

Dory possesses an innate understanding of finance, management, and communications, which he applies to legal cases, government lobbying, parliamentary and standing committee procedures, and implementation of organizational procedures. Having chaired numerous committees at CSIC, the ICCRC, and CAPIC (and having been CAPIC president from 2013 to 2016), Dory appreciates the importance of strategic planning and budgeting and the merits of robust self-regulation, which he has championed for the last twelve years.

Dory graduated from the University of Notre Dame with a Bachelor’s in Communications (Advertising and Marketing) and obtained the Chartered Director designation (C.Dir.) from the Directors College at McMaster University’s De Groote School of Business. He helped create and build the Immigration Consultancy Program (AEC) at Vanier College and CEGEP Saint-Laurent, where he has also lectured.

Dory has appeared on the CBC and CTV, and has contributed to articles in the Toronto Star, Globe and Mail, and National Post.

Monica Poon Operations Manager

Monica is the proverbial glue that holds the CAPIC team together. Part of the association since its inception in 2005 (and the pioneering Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants prior to that), Monica plans, directs, and coordinates all of CAPIC's operations and ensures that each member's expectations are met. 

Monica O'Brien, RCIC Education Manager

Monica has been practising as a Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant for over twenty years and is experienced in a variety of practice areas. Involved as a volunteer with CAPIC since inception, she has served in various capacities, including as Ontario Chapter Chair and as a member of the National Board. Monica continues to volunteer with CAPIC beyond the scope of her job and continues to mentor new consultants. She fundamentally believes in “giving back” to the profession and is a proud RCIC.  
Monica is pleased to be “in-house” at CAPIC, where she plans and organizes seminars both large and small and liaises with the local chapters to put together informative and engaging events so that CAPIC members can remain up-to-date and knowledgeable in their field. Tasked with putting together an innovative National Education Plan, Monica is hard at work ensuring topics meet members’ needs and that they are CPD relevant, striving to add practical components to educational events. She says, “Knowledge is key, but we have to know how to apply that knowledge." She looks forward to ensuring that 2018 is filled with topical and relevant educational events.

Educated at York University, Monica holds both an English and Phys. Ed degree and laterally attended Seneca College where she obtained her Immigration diploma. In her spare time, Monica plays defense on her hockey team and delights in travelling with her spouse and 13-year-old twins! Monica lives in Claremont, Ontario, and is a lifelong Habs fan.  

Dianne Bukaka Administrative Coordinator

Dianne is the administrative and event coordinator, and is fully bilingual in English and French. She possesses more than ten years of experience in administrative work. At CAPIC, Dianne provides customer service, promotes membership, and guides and directs all incoming calls. She also informs members and the general public about events, seminars, membership, and CAPIC as a whole.

Dianne was born in Madison, Wisconsin, but moved to the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) when she was seven years old and lived there for twelve years. She returned to the US for college in Charlotte, North Carolina, before moving to Toronto. Dianne enjoys reading, knitting, and singing.

Alex Cheng Technical Support Coordinator

Alex responds to enquiries regarding seminar registration and technical issues, and assists members to troubleshoot issues encountered when accessing membership services through CAPIC's website, including the IMMeForum and the IMMeCentre.

Alex also oversees the logistics and on-site setup of equipment for seminars and events, and handles the technical aspects of the office's operation. He coordinates various IT projects that facilitate access to membership services and is also involved in the development of the membership management system.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, Alex holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto. While specializing in biological chemistry, he also took computer-related courses as electives. Alex is a photography enthusiast and likes to work on DIY projects in his free time.

Shumu Haque Membership Coordinator  

Shumu's job responsibilities include receiving and processing membership applications and helping out members with their general questions and concerns. She also coordinates and takes part in various membership events across the country.

Born in Sri Lanka and brought up in Bangladesh, Shumu completed her diploma in Print and Broadcast Journalism from Humber College in Toronto. She is fluent in Bangla, English, Hindi/Urdu, a little bit of Gujarati, and has a special interest in issues pertaining to human rights and equality across the globe. A voracious reader, Shumu is also passionate about writing and travelling.


Robert McClements Senior Communications Coordinator

Robert works on a wide range of communications and lobbying initiatives at CAPIC, including government submissions, the bimonthly CAPIC newsletter, promotional campaigns, press releases, and letters.

Born and raised in Montreal, Robert holds two Bachelor of Arts degrees in Creative Writing and English (Hons.) from Concordia University, and a Master's in English from York University. When not crouched in front of his computer, Robert can be seen crouched in front of his computer. He likes philosophy and music.