Stakeholder Meetings

Citizenship and Immigration Canada - Immigration Practitioners Committee (CICIP)

CAPIC is a proud member of several special committees and has regularly attended the bi-annual CICIP meeting, maintaining open dialogue with Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC). We continue to receive CIC recognition thanks to our ground-breaking lobbying efforts over the past two years.

In 2014, CIC recognized CAPIC as the only existing association of Canadian immigration consultants, and we continue to enlist high-calibre government experts for CPD events. This helped make the 2015 National Education Conference (now the NCIC) our most successful conference to date. More than half of the immigration experts featured were either directors or managers from government bodies such as CIC, ESDC, the CBSA, and the IRB.

Prior to attending the CICIP meeting, CAPIC formally requests input from members so that we may address their concerns to stakeholders. The 2015 CICIP meetings focused on Express Entry, the structure of the national and PNP streams, the AR Portal, the Canadian Experience Class Program, and LMIA work permits. In contrast to previous years, the meeting’s structure has changed dramatically, leading to a decrease in attending stakeholders. A more private setting now enables the relevant parties to analyze the issues in greater depth.

Additionally, CAPIC continues to meet with ESDC and CBSA directors on a bi-annual basis.

Member of Parliament (MP) Meetings

CAPIC believes that the regulation of immigration consultants by federal statute will strengthen the profession and the regulatory body, a belief that is reflected in our recent lobbying activities. Over the past two years, CAPIC Members have attended an array of meetings with Members of Parliament and have presented CAPIC's "Regulation under Statute" consultation document. Meetings were scheduled with political party leaders and figures such as Chris Alexander, Justin Trudeau, Thomas Mulcair, immigration critic Lysanne Blanchette-Lamothe, and former Immigration Minister John McCallum.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP) Committees

In addition to delegates from the Québec Ministère de l'Immigration, Divérsité et Inclusion (MIDI) and BC PNP, CAPIC also meets with Immigration Ministers such as Jeremy Harrison (Saskatchewan), as well as delegates of Minister Chan (ON PNP).

In August and September of 2014, then-CAPIC President Dory Jade, along with CAPIC delegates, met with MIDI’s management. The meeting enabled both parties to touch upon a variety of discussion topics, ranging from CAPIC’s mission and role to the challenges facing ARs due to the implementation of the completeness policy for CSQ (Certificat de selection du Québec) applications. Thanks to these meetings, MIDI is now more familiar with CAPIC’s mandate and the two parties will continue to pursue open dialogue.

On August 4th, 2014, CAPIC representatives Gerd Damitz (former president), Deepak Kohli (secretary), and Marie Sakel (Ontario Chapter Chair) attended a meeting with ON PNP representatives and addressed key areas of concern, such as Bill 49, the Standing Ontario Immigration-Practitioner Committees, and the Communication and Ontario Opportunities Program. CAPIC’s lobbying efforts have contributed to Ontario PNP’s newly introduced ministry policies and legislation, including the review process at Opportunities Ontario.

In July 2015, CAPIC organized a roundtable event with over 50 CAPIC members and BC PNP representatives. The purpose of the meeting was to collect input on the BC PNP program with a focus on key areas for discussion. BC PNP upper management representatives sought input from attending members for future program development.

Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA) Regional Committees

CAPIC Chapter representatives have been actively involved in ongoing regional CBSA meetings in Ontario. Nationwide meetings were scheduled throughout the provinces of Ontario, British Colombia, the Prairies, the Northwest Territories, and Quebec. Topics included enforcement, detentions, reporting, detaining, detention review procedures and processes, timelines, statistics, changes requiring additional clarifications for clients, refugee application processes, TFW monitoring, and CBSA auditing of employers.

CAPIC representatives continue to work diligently to represent the interests of members when bringing forward issues in enforcement practice. Meetings continue to be scheduled on a bi-annual basis and CAPIC's membership is solicited for input prior to each regional meeting.

Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada

Several IRB meetings occurred in the region of Toronto and Montréal. On behalf of membership, CAPIC delegates addressed the following topics: IRB tours available for refugee claimants, disclosure dates for effective resolution, consistency in the treatment of claims by members, and the conduct of authorized representatives. Additional meeting topics and detailed reports can be consulted at the links provided below.

Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD)

In May of 2014, CAPIC met with several OECD (the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development) representatives to discuss the management of migration to Canada. It was part of a series of evaluations aimed at ascertaining whether Canada is effectively and efficiently using labour migration to help meet its labour needs. The meeting focuses on the following areas: the attraction and selection of skilled immigrants, permanent and temporary migration, provincial migration, and Express Entry. Following the completion of the global consultation process, an OECD report is set to be released in Spring 2015. For a detailed report of the meeting, please visit the OECD section in the IMMeCentre.

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