Neera Agnihotri, RCIC / RCIC

Term Expiry: 2021 AGM
Second Term

Born to a hard working immigrant family, Neera Agnihotri knows first-hand the challenges that we can face when entering a new community, let alone a new country to live, work or visit. Her personal experience is the driving force behind her passion to help others complete their venture into new land, with as much ease as possible Prior to attining her Immigration Practitioner Licence in 2006, Neera was immersed in the Travel and Tourism industry. Her hard work ethic and professionalism landed her a job on only her third day of practicum with BTI International, where she worked for many years. Neera was praised for her incredible focus and was considered an asset to their firm. But, being an ambitious female entrepreneur and driven young mother motivated her to take her career to the next level. She then attained her CSIC License and started her own firm

Since then she has been providing her clients with honest, efficient and transparent immigration services

There is a terrible stigma attached to the Immigration Consultant profession due to numerous reports of people engaging themselves in unethical behavior. These unfortunate situations are another source of motivation for Neera and her team to set the standard in her industry with ethical practice at all times