Neerja Bhandari, RCIC / CRIC

Term Expiry: 2022 AGM
First Term

Neerja is a member in good standing of the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council, an active CAPIC member for the last seven years, and a Commissioner of Oaths (Ontario). She has served the immigration industry for the last eight years as an immigration consultant. She is a meticulous, passionate, lively individual, who believes not in doing the things she loves, but in loving the things she does.

Neerja holds a Master of Arts Degree with a Major in English Literature from Delhi University. She previously pursued her passion for dress designing and owned a fashion boutique for ten years. When her family decided to immigrate to Canada, Neerja trained in aesthetics and earned a diploma as a certified Aesthetician, licensed as an Herbal Cosmetologist; she was the proud owner of a cosmetic products business for four years before coming to Canada. In Canada, after operating a successful franchise for nine years, Neerja took interest in the Immigration Consulting program at Humber College.

Neerja possesses extensive experience in training, motivating, and organizing tasks for a team, and is a manager with strong interpersonal skills. She is highly organized, with excellent time management skills, and is accustomed to working on time-sensitive, high pressure projects in any kind of environment. She also has considerable experience in handling matters of a sensitive and confidential nature, and well-developed skills in discernment and judgment.

Since 2011, Neerja has volunteered for CAPIC in a variety of capacities:

Ontario Chapter Chair (CAPIC) – May 2016 to date
Member of the Membership Committee for the Ontario Chapter – May 2013 to May 2016
Initiated and participated in all membership-building drives
Audit and Finance Committee member (CAPIC) – May 2016 to date
Education Committee Vice Chair (CAPIC) – May 2017 to date