• L'Association Canadienne des Conseillers Professionnels en Immigration (ACCPI)

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  • UPCOMING - Thursday, Oct 03, 2019

    National Citizenship and Immigration Conference

    Join us in Niagara Falls for NCIC 2019 and an exploration of the ever-changing programs and policies of the immigration world. Learn what's new, discover the latest innovations and technology, and arm yourself with the knowledge and insight for a better business - and a better you.

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  • UPCOMING - Wednesday, Jul 10, 2019

    EPP Webinar in conjunction with Georgian College

    In our efforts to further enhance the Education Partner Program's functionality and provide you with more tools to recruit international students, we will be holding our first EPP Webinar in conjunction with Georgian College. The webinar will focus on study opportunities with Georgian College.

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  • UPCOMING - Tuesday, Jul 16, 2019

    Open Work Permits

    Which programs have an open work permit component? What is the qualifying criteria? What are some of the common issues, nuances, and strategies. Where is the best place to apply or is online the only option now? There have been changes! Learn and be updated. Stay tuned as we add more!


  • UPCOMING - Friday, Jul 19, 2019

    RCIC Entry to Practice Exam Prep Course 2019-07

    CAPIC is pleased to bring the Right to Entry Practice Exam prep course to graduating students from ICCRC approved practitioner courses. This intensive 7-day, 35 - 40-hour course is intended to be a review of relevant legislation, and programs & includes mock 3 hours exam. Next ICCRC exam Aug 11.


  • UPCOMING - Tuesday, Jul 23, 2019

    IAD and RPD - Procedures, updates, advocacy and tips

    Be updated on procedures and rules for these two tribunal settings. A great place to gain some knowledge and ask questions. Advocacy and preparation are key. A reminder to ensure as counsel you are experienced and prepared! Start your learning here! Seminar in French only.


  • PAST - Thursday, Jun 20, 2019

    Handling clients and their files

    We'll meet different types of clients and gain tips and strategies in handling them and their particular case. Learn how to set tone, expectation and plan case strategy. From the corporate client to the one stuck outside of Canada - Examples to discuss! Gain tips for your next client session!


L’Association canadienne des consultants professionnels en immigration (ACCPI) est l’organisme professionnel créé pour les consultants réglementés en immigration du Canada (CRIC).

Avec une histoire dans l’industrie de l’immigration qui date de 1986, elle s’appuie sur les quatre piliers fondamentaux suivants : les études-formation, l’information, le lobbying, et la reconnaissance. À titre de porte-parole des consultants en immigration, nous nous sommes engagés à toujours promouvoir et protéger l‘intégrité de la profession et du système d’immigration.

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