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  • It is easy to stay up to date with CPD requirements with CAPIC.

    CAPIC is pleased to offer nearly 100 hours of CPD programming in the last CPD year (July 1’22 - June 30’23).
    Over 60 Seminar Bundle hours are available to CAPIC Members with $1 Seminar Bundle at no extra cost!

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  • UPCOMING - Wednesday, May 22, 2024

    NCIC 2024

    Join us for CAPIC'S 19th National Citizenship and Immigration Conference in Halifax on May 23rd and 24th as we navigate pathways, gain information and find support in the ever changing world of immigration. Opt to attend the Chair's Gala at historic Pier 21.


  • Add the 2024 Seminar Bundle to your Membership

    Add the 2024 Seminar Bundle to your Membership


  • UPCOMING - Thursday, Mar 07, 2024

    A Discussion on Ministerial Instructions for a Valid Offer of Employment for Express Entry - A Case Study - Intermediate Level (Seminar Bundle)

    Join Tiffany Chi for an in-depth discussion on Ministerial Instructions and policy and how it shapes the intricacies of a job offer. Follow the ins and outs of this case as we examine key elements and what would be your strategy? This is an intermediate level session.


  • PAST - Thursday, Feb 29, 2024

    Too Many Options - How to Plan Strategically with your Clients (Seminar Bundle) - Intermediate level

    Learn about the concept map as you break down these case studies and gain an insightful way to brainstorm and strategize. These case studies will focus on strategic planning and critical thinking skills! Lots of engagement with real cases! Don't miss this one!


  • Advocacy and Consultation Papers

    Experienced CAPIC representatives advocate on behalf of members to senior representatives of provincial and federal government departments related to immigration and citizenship. Visit our Advocacy page for access to letters, submissions, and more.


The Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) is the professional organization for immigration and citizenship consultants.

We are the voice of immigration consultants and are committed to promoting and protecting the integrity of the profession and the immigration system.

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