A Federal Statue Will Strengthen Regulation and Protection

CAPIC believes that the regulation of immigration consultants by federal statute will strengthen the profession and the regulatory body, a belief that is reflected in our recent lobbying activities.

To view the "Introduction to Regulation under Statute" advocacy paper, click here.

  • Meeting with Hon. Chris Alexander

    Then-CAPIC President Dory Jade and Quebec Chapter Chair Louisa Supino met with Minister Chris Alexander on June 15, 2016, in Montreal.

    The meeting included two parts: a private meeting with the minister and other leaders in the immigration field, and a breakfast attended by Quebec Chapter Committee Members and other Chapter Members.

    During this event, Mr. Jade submitted the awareness consultative paper on "Regulation under Statute." Both parties agreed that much has been achieved in immigration and citizenship representation over the last four years, but that more should be done to protect the consumers and strengthen the citizenship and immigration consultation industry. Another meeting was scheduled between Mr. Jade and the minister to discuss CAPIC’s vision regarding "Regulation under Statute."

    On June 19, 2016, CAPIC delegates in Ontario had the opportunity to meet with Hon. Chris Alexander during an event in Toronto, in which they reiterated CAPIC’s position to the Minister.

  • Meeting with Opposition Leaders

    CAPIC Quebec Chapter Chair Louisa Supino met with the Liberal Party leader Justin Trudeau on June 19, 2016, and Ontario Chapter Chair Satish Nandre and his team met with the Official Opposition Leader Thomas Muclair on June 16. On both occasions, CAPIC delegates presented CAPIC’s introduction paper on “Regulation Under Statute.”

  • Meeting with the ICCRC

    On June 15, 2016, then-CAPIC President Dory Jade and other representatives met with then-President and ICCRC CEO Bob Brack. During the meeting, both parties discussed potential regulation under federal statute.