Dory Jade, Chief Executive Officer

Chief Executive Officer

Dory has been an RCIC for over fourteen years and has served on various boards for the last ten. As CAPIC CEO, he achieves sound organizational governance through by-laws and policy, working closely with the Board of Directors, senior federal and provincial government officials, and the CAPIC team to strengthen the professional culture and its legal framework.

Having chaired committees at CSIC, the ICCRC, and CAPIC, Dory applies his knowledge of finance, management, and communications to legal cases, government lobbying, and parliamentary and standing committee procedures.

Dory obtained a Bachelor’s in Communications from the University of Notre Dame and the Chartered Director designation from the Directors College at McMaster University’s De Groote School of Business. He helped create and build the Immigration Consultancy Program (AEC) at Vanier College and CEGEP Saint-Laurent.

Monica O'Brien, Education Manager

Education Manager

Monica has been practising as an RCIC for over twenty years and is experienced in many practice areas. A CAPIC volunteer since inception, she has served as Ontario Chapter Chair and as a member of the National Board. With a fundamental belief in giving back to the profession, Monica also mentors new consultants.

At CAPIC, Monica plans and organizes seminars and liaises with local chapters to put together engaging events. For the National Education Plan, Monica ensures topics meet members’ needs, are CPD-relevant, and practical.

Monica holds English and Phys. Ed degrees from York University and obtained her Immigration diploma from Seneca College. In her spare time, she plays defense on her hockey team and delights in travelling with her spouse and 13-year-old twins! Monica lives in Claremont, Ontario, and is a lifelong Habs fan.

Monica Poon, Operations Manager

Operations Manager

Monica is the proverbial glue that holds the CAPIC team together. Part of the association since its inception in 2005 (and the pioneering Organization of Professional Immigration Consultants prior to that), Monica plans, directs, and coordinates all of CAPIC's operations and ensures that each member's expectations are met.

Alex Cheng, Technical Support Coordinator

Technical Support Coordinator

Alex responds to enquiries regarding seminar registration and technical issues, and assists members to troubleshoot issues encountered when accessing membership services through CAPIC's website, including the IMMeForum and the IMMeCentre.

Alex also oversees the logistics and on-site setup of equipment for seminars and events, and handles the technical aspects of the office's operation. He coordinates various IT projects that facilitate access to membership services and is also involved in the development of the membership management system.

Born in Hong Kong and raised in Toronto, Alex holds a Bachelor of Science degree from the University of Toronto. While specializing in biological chemistry, he also took computer-related courses as electives. Alex is a photography enthusiast and likes to work on DIY projects in his free time.

Alex Kvaskov, Communications Coordinator

Communications Coordinator

Alex is responsible for ensuring the correctness and accuracy of all publicly published communications from CAPIC. He collaborates with the team to create and distribute content such as email newsletters, policy papers, meeting minutes, blog articles and more. Whenever a piece of writing needs polishing, Alex is CAPIC’s go-to person. Outside work, Alex follows news, politics and current events. He also likes to hike and has run a four-hour marathon.

Cindy Garayt, Project Coordinator

Project Coordinator

Cindy Garayt is CAPIC’s new Project Coordinator. She provides administrative support to the team by collaborating on various projects, more particularly the Education Partner Program. In addition, thanks to her Bachelor’s Degree in Translation from Concordia University and her experience as a freelance translator in French and English, she is responsible for offering services to members in Québec and organizing events in La Belle Province. 

As a lifelong resident of Montréal, she enjoys exploring the city with her two children, walking along Lac St-Louis and practicing Kundalini yoga.

Fiona Lobo, Marketing Specialist

Marketing Specialist

Fiona is CAPIC’s in-house social media specialist, possessing sound project management and marketing skills and an eye for compelling content. Fiona oversees CAPIC’s presence on its network of social media platforms, curating user-friendly content that fosters engagement and brand visibility, working effectively with other members of the team on SEO, marketing campaigns, and branding.

Kunal Thakur, Business Development Coordinator

Business Development Coordinator

Kunal joined CAPIC as a student member and has been connected with the immigration sector for well over a decade. He holds Canada Course for Education Agents (CCEA) certification and enjoys working with international students and placing them in DLIs in Canada and matching their interests. He is the coordinator for the newly launched Education Partner Program, which brings RCICs and DLIs together. He likes to read, watch cricket, and spend time with his family.

Kunal has travelled extensively across the globe, covering almost all continents except Antarctica and South America.

Lucia Haggart, Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Lucia Haggart is CAPIC’s new Event Coordinator. Her passion for people and events led her to a career of program management in the private and non-profit sectors. Her position includes coordinating CAPIC’s many education and other events. Lucia will work closely with CAPIC’s staff and local Chapters to ensure all events reach their full potential. With a busy event calendar ahead, Lucia is excited and pleased to bring her experience to CAPIC. Originally from Colombia, Lucia lives in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. Outside work, she enjoys travelling and spending time together with her husband and two kids.

Omotola Olatunji, Administrative Coordinator

Administrative Coordinator

Omotola provides administrative support to the Board of Directors by ensuring all secretarial and organizational activities are performed. She reports to the CEO and coordinates meetings, events, and special projects.

Born in Nigeria, Omotola studied Law at Lagos State University and graduated from the Nigerian Law School. She prides herself in her documentation and communication skills and in her ability to speak publicly with and without a script. Omotola loves to read, dance, and engage in sporting activities. When not at work, she volunteers at the senior health care centre at North York General Hospital.

Shumu Haque, Membership Coordinator

Membership Coordinator

Shumu's job responsibilities include receiving and processing membership applications and helping out members with their general questions and concerns. She also coordinates and takes part in various membership events across the country.

Born in Sri Lanka and brought up in Bangladesh, Shumu completed her diploma in Print and Broadcast Journalism from Humber College in Toronto. She is fluent in Bangla, English, Hindi/Urdu, a little bit of Gujarati, and has a special interest in issues pertaining to human rights and equality across the globe. A voracious reader, Shumu is also passionate about writing and travelling.