Carman Gosselin, RCIC / CRIC

Term Expiry: 2027 AGM
Second Term

Carman Gosselin is a seasoned professional in the field of immigration and has been practicing since 2014. Currently, Carman is the Managing Director for OnSpec Solutions Inc. and GetToCanada Immigration Solutions Inc. and mainly specializes in economic immigration. He has also been a Director of CAPIC since March 2021 and is about to complete his first term.

At CAPIC, Carman’s has been the Vice Chair of the Membership and Services Committee, and a member of the Audit and Finance Committee, and Lobbying Committees.

Carman and his family currently reside in Regina, Saskatchewan and he enjoys spending time in the backyard with his family around the BBQ, visiting the variety of provincial and national parks that Canada has to offer, and networking with his peers.

Carman is looking forward to serving a second term on the board of CAPIC. He is committed to CAPIC’s vision to protect the integrity of our industry and ensuring that the excellent service of Regulated Immigration Consultants, through professional development, and awareness. Carman believes in CAPIC’s values and its strategic plan to ensure CAPIC remains essential and reputable as our industry changes and evolves.