Yassine El Bahlouli, RCIC / CRIC

Term Expiry: 2025 AGM
Second Term

Dr. Yassine EL BAHLOULI is an accomplished professional with a rich background in immigration, public policy and governance. 

Dr. EL BAHLOULI holds an Immigration consultant diploma from Herzing College, Ontario, and as an active RCIC (CICC number #R706841), he possesses extensive experience in work permits, LMIA, student permits, and Permanent Residence programs through Express Entry and Provincial Nominee Programs.

His expertise spans more than 20 years in marketing, communication, and customer service, demonstrating his capability to navigate and manage complex client relations and organizational objectives. 

A bilingual communicator in English and French, with native fluency in Arabic and beginner proficiency in Spanish, Dr. EL BAHLOULI's linguistic skills have undoubtedly been an asset in his various international consultancy projects and teaching engagements.