Donald Igbokwe, RCIC

Donald is the president of George Donaldson and Associates Inc. and One World Immigration Consulting Services, which provide many kinds of immigration services. With more than 33 years of experience in volunteer service in various capacities, most of them at board level, his passion to serve humanity started in India when he began actively serving as director of internationalism with Chandigarh City Jaycees. He founded the Chandigarh International Jaycees chapter in 1984 and volunteered on social justice and advocacy issues while studying at Punjab University.

In Canada, apart from having served on various committees in the industry, representing CAPIC and the immigration consulting profession, he has championed and participated in numerous multicultural and Multi Faith programs at various levels of Canadian society.

Educational qualifications include:

  • M.A. Public Administration, B.A. (Honours) Public Administration
  • Claims Major, Chartered Insurance Professional (C.I.P.), Insurance Institute of Canada
  • Advanced Diploma in Alternate Dispute Resolution (A.D.R.) - joint program from Windsor University Law School & Stitt Feld Handy Huston
  • Graduate of York College of Industry and Technology Immigration Consulting Diploma

Current voluntary services:

  • President of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) – September 2016–present
  • Stakeholder and committee member on the Immigration and Refugee Board Consultative Committee on practices & procedures (CCPP)
  • Member of the Diversity Advisory Committee to Chief of Police, Durham Regional Police Services
  • Member of the CAPIC & ICCRC Joint Policy & Liaison Committee
  • Member of the Advisory Committee Office for Refugees – Archdioceses of Toronto, ORAT Scarborough
  • Vice Chairperson of Kawartha Lakes Regional Multifaith Committee, Ontario
  • Chairperson of the Durham Region Multifaith World Religion Day Committee
  • Member of the COFAA Durham Community of Faiths Against AIDS in Africa
  • Stakeholder and member of the Regional Consultative Committee, Immigration Appeal Division (IRB)

Voluntary services and Canadian non-profit boards served on:

  • Team Lead, Ajax Pan-Am Ambassador Volunteer for July–August 2015 Games
  • Oshawa Pan-Am Ambassador, July–August 2015
  • Ethno-Cultural Member of the Local Diversity and Immigration Partnership Council (LDIPC), 2014–2016
  • Volunteer Content Contributor, Durham Immigration Portal, 2010
  • Secretary of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC) & Chair of the GNC, 2009–2013 & May 2015–September 2016.
  • Chair of the Education & Training Committee, CAPIC, May 2015–September 2016
  • Vice-Chair of the Policy & Lobbying Committee, May 2015–2016
  • Member of the Audit & Finance Committee CAPIC May 2015–2016
  • Former Board Member, Treasurer & Secretary of the Clark Museum and Archives, Clarington
  • Multicultural Council of Oshawa, Durham
  • Former Board Member of the Sierra Leone Immigrant Resettlement and Integration Centre (SLIRIC)
  • Vice-President of the Canadian Association of Professional Immigration Consultants (CAPIC), Ontario Chapter
  • Former Policy Coordinator & Member of the Kawartha Lakes Regional Multifaith Committee, Ontario
  • Chairperson of the Policy and Lobbying Committee, CAPIC, Ontario Chapter
  • Volunteered and Served at the World AIDS Conference in Toronto, 2006.
  • Volunteer with the Host Program, Community Development Council of Durham
  • Member of the Advisory Committee to Pickering City Blooms
  • Board Member of the ICCAD, Indo-Canadian Cultural Association of Durham Inc.
  • Member of the Bahá’í Business Forum, a professional non-profit association of men and women of various faiths practising and promoting moral and ethical values in business.