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Depending on the seminar, non-member fees tend to cost around $80. Members tend to pay around $60, and students (non-members) pay around $80. For the exact costs of a specific seminar, please refer to the seminar registration form.

Although we aim to keep seminar costs consistent, prices may vary depending on several factors, such as whether the event is a workshop, a half-day event, or a full-day event. Take advantage of CAPIC's Seminar Bundle, a unique package of seminars available at a discounted price. The Seminar Bundle special is offered from January 1 to February 28 each year and includes all Bundle Seminars, except the NEC (now the NCIC).

There are some essential costs involved in each of the education programs we offer.

Our members are charged a minimal fee so that they can afford some of the event costs. However, for those who subscribe to the CPD Seminar Bundle, the cost is currently a nominal fee of $1+tax. Therefore, our members can now access over 50 CPD hours during a calendar year by paying just $1 +tax more on their membership fee.

To simplify it further, a Regular Package Subscriber receives all Regular Membership benefits and over 50 CPD hours for the membership fee, totalling $381+tax/ year.

A Gold Package Subscriber receives all Regular Membership benefits, over 50 CPD hours, and the added benefits of the Gold Subscription Package, totalling $596+tax/ year

CAPIC always reports in-person attendance to the CICC. However, if you are attending by webinar, please note that you will be required to fill the CICC CPD Reporting Form and CPD Certification Form before submitting them to the CICC.

Recordings are normally released within two weeks following the seminar date. As soon as the seminar recording is released, it will be posted under the "My CPD Programs" section of the User's Homepage. For more information regarding the release date of the recordings, please contact Alex Cheng at techsupport@capic.ca.

We recommend that you check the spam folder of your inbox if you have not received an email regarding the seminar recording. Seminar recordings are now accessible on our website under the "My CPD Programs" section of the User's Homepage. Please contact Alex Cheng at techsupport@capic.ca. if you require the seminar recording email to be sent again.

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